Download the H3Droid universal installer!

This is still considered beta, so there may be bugs, use at your own risk!

  • Connect your HDMI display or installer would switch to CVBS!
  • First boot, especially from SDcard can take an extended amount of time because of DEXOPT. The best way to tell progress is to watch the red LED (on Orange Pi boards) once the boot animation has completed (blinking is a good thing).
  • The first time you enable Network (WiFi / Ethernet) it may take a significant amount of time (gapps updates are hundreds of megs). Subsequent boots should be much faster.
  • If you are working from an SDcard, at boot time wait for the red LED to stop blinking before you start working for the best experience.
  • Beware of the RED light! RED LED == I/O busy. I/O busy == Android busy. Android busy for too long == Reboot.

H3Droid Image Installer (H3ii)

List of changes between versions is available further down the page.

  1. [READ FIRST] What is H3ii and how do I use it?
  2. Download Current Version:
    CDN h3droid_installer.img.xz
    CDN h3droid_installer.img.xz.md5
    Main h3droid_installer.img.xz
    Main h3droid_installer.img.xz.md5

  3. Old Versions:
    1.3.4 - MD5
    1.3.3 - MD5
    1.3.2 - MD5
    1.3.1 - MD5
    1.3.0 - MD5
    1.2.9 - MD5

Alternative installer (.tar)
This installer is to be used on a Linux system with an SDCard reader / writer or to prepare image. We recommend to use h3ii installer above which includes same .tar but wraps it into easy auto-installer!


  1. Download image from one of the mirrors below
  2. Extract the tar archive (tar -xf filename.tar) in a folder with enough space to hold the contents (~450MB)
  3. Update 00_conf file to set OUTDEV variable. It should contain either device or plain file path (ex: OUTDEV=/dev/mmcblkX or OUTDEV=/dev/sdX or OUTDEV=/some/path/to/somefile.img)
  4. Copy your PUBLIC SSH key(s) to the install folder (ex: cp /root/.ssh/ ./) (Optional, but required to have root access via SSH)
  5. Execute to write image to your SDCard or somefile.img (in case of a file, you can use it later with dd/etcher/winimager to write to real device)
  6. Note: run only 10.. script, other files are meant to be called from it in order. (for example 20.. prepares partitions.dat used in 30..)

Version 1.3.5:

New / Fixed / Updated / Changed in this version:

  • Added: fex/uboot for: beelink x2, sunvell r69 and libretech h3/h2+ (tritium)
  • Added: Vendor_0079_Product_0006.kl (cheap noname/rebranded DragonRise gamepads)
  • Added: 'menu' command to h3resc (to run menu via ssh)
  • Added: enabled kernel modules: hid-multitouch, hid-dragonrise, hid-acrux, hid-greenasia, hid-samsung, hid-ntrig, hid-holtek, ads7846_device (loader), w1
  • Added: kernel: added lz4 support
  • Added: wip/crashing: new video mode: 2560x1600
  • Fixed: h2+/512M combo cma alloc (h3droid can now work on libretech h2+ and opi0(256M) boards)
  • Fixed: fix for black screen on boot (uboot phase is black now)
  • Fixed: 0eef:0005 touchscreen fix, should work now (after loading usbtouchscreen module)
  • Fixed: purge BT state on upgrades
  • Updated: armbian links in h3resc
  • Updated: ralink wifi driver with some new ids
  • Updated: bluez to 5.50
  • Updated: bionic's tzdata (thanks to zazir, Moscow is now in the current time zone +3 instead of +4)
  • Changed: enabled s_cir0 (IR) in opilite fex by default
  • Changed: swapped long and short actions on power button (short press to call power menu, long to sleep)
  • Changed: cut down logcat/serial verbosity a bit
  • Changed: busybox: updated to 1.29.2, enabled selinux support
  • Changed: removed default youtube.apk, api changed and kitkat's one doesnt work anymore. You can install it after upgrading Google Play Services.
  • Changed: kernel: disabled OABI compat, switched to NOOP disk scheduler
  • Changed: init.rc insmods default-rtc.ko and default-touchscreen.ko, create a symlink in /vendor/modules/ if you want to make use of it
  • Changed: disabled sst_storage.ko
  • Changed: few tiny changes to h3resc/h3ii
  • H3Resc: moved menu numbers to make them visible on cvbs overscan
  • H3Resc: update should preserve some configurable files now
  • H3Resc: added tools/uboot-h3_video_helper to report new/exotic modelines
  • H3Resc: renamed item 53 to "ADDONS and TWEAKS" and added:
    a. change swap size
    b. toggle osk always on
    c. reworked menu and moved some items into (53) sub menu
    d. LibreELEC-H3 installation and boot option

CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.5.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.5.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.5.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.5.tar.md5

Version 1.3.4:

New / Fixed / Changed in this version:

  • Added: Superuser (ROOT) (untested, disabled by default, enabler in h3resc)
  • Added: H3ii: enable cvbs/pal if edid is empty, ie. no hdmi display connected. needs testing. Important: you need to change display mode after every fex change, otherwise it will default hdmi.
  • Added: kernel module: radio-rda5807
  • Added: Display scaling (overscan) is back
  • Added: SoC info to "about device"
  • Added: Waveshare 0eef:0005 touchscreen single-touch support (untested, please report)
  • Added: 1080i to selectable modes in h3resc
  • Added: GPS support (fusedlocation and gps.default module, to enable gps edit build.prop:
  • Added: Coloured ir key mappings for remotes (red/green/yellow/blue), you can set own shortcuts with:
    to launch url: setprop persist.user.shortcut_red
    to launch app: setprop persist.user.shortcut_red
  • Fixed: Typos in settings
  • Fixed: Small fixes to data resizer and armbian installer scripts
  • Fixed: 'green armbian fix', renamed to 'dvi fix toggle'
  • Changed: Removed tethering settings (needs working softap drivers)
  • Changed: H3resc: item 53 changed into ADDONS submenu with:
    enable latest gapps
    enable superuser
    install spmc/kodi 16.4.2
  • Changed: sshd start is now controlled via property (enabled by default)
  • Changed:
  • Changed: Display scaling minimum to 80% (from 90%)

CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.4.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.4.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.4.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.4.tar.md5

Version 1.3.3:

New / Fixed in this version:

  • Added: Custom resolutions, NATIVE, not scaled. settable via h3resc:
    800x480, 1024x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1360x768
    Resolution change have been removed from android settings
  • Added: Power menu, to activate long-press power button in navbar, then:
    Reboot: short press - normal reboot
    Reboot: long press - h3resc
    Poweroff: short press - h3fakeoff (clean android shutdown with wake up handler)
  • Added: Screen timeout is now enabled (120min) and configurable
  • Added: Auto-hide on-screen keyboard when physical keyboard is connected
  • Added: Usb dongle: realtek 8821/8812au (untested)
  • Added: Red Gear Controller keymap (2563:0523)
  • Added: i2c-tiny-usb.ko (attiny85), proxy.ko, virtual_touchscreen.ko
  • Added: Config cache to h3resc and installer (wifi, change-fex, change-uboot)
  • Added: Progress feedback in installer
  • Added: Vendor_0eef_Product_0001.idc
  • Added: New kernel modules:
    touchscreens: eeti_ts (i2c/spi), cypress ttsp (i2c/spi), egalax_ts (i2c) and few others
    Cypress M8 USB Serial
    Qualcomm Serial modem
    USB 2.0 SVGA dongle (Net2280/SiS315)
  • Added: Installer now creates /data/swapfile (128M)
  • Fixed: Salmon (red/pink) screen workaround
  • Fixed: sshd ptmx bug (rootsh/ssh can be used more than once now)
  • Fixed: Pointer hotspot
  • Fixed: rtl8192cu (8188cu) ..again
  • Fixed: Assorted small fixes to h3resc and h3droid:
    ssh key regen adds missing newline and removes old files
    1stboot dmesg is saved to /data/tmp
    Added fdisk and resize
    Added real sed to h3resc
    Populate env variables for rclocal
  • Fixed: ip-up/down-pppoe (might fix pppoe)

CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.3.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.3.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.3.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.3.tar.md5

Version 1.3.2:

New / Fixed in this version:

  • Fixed: Wallpaper chooser
  • Fixed: settings button in overlay
  • Fixed: h3armbian installer (final customization wasn't running)
  • Added: sounds back (without ringtones)
  • Added: settings icon to all-apps- Disabled zswap, enabled /data/swapfile (128M)
  • Changed: navbar and launcher3 layouts (needs clearing launcher3 app data if you updated to see changes)
  • Removed: battery indicator from systray
  • Enabled settings: data usage, accessibility, keyguard
  • WiFi fixed, please test and report back!
  • New usb wifi dongle support: mt7601u
  • Kernel: changed to SLUB, upped min free mem, optimized for speed, enabled stackprotector and seccomp
  • Bluetooth: CSR Compatible USB dongles should work, please report issues. (Onboard Bluetooth is currently still not supported).

CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.2.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.2.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.2.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.2.tar.md5

Version 1.3.1:

New / Fixed in this version:

  • H3resc: added tv out enabler in display config
  • H3resc: reboot menu changes
  • H3resc: added hdcp toggler (for green Armbian syndrome)
  • H3resc: enabled numlock by default
  • Fixed usb wifi dongles (oops.)
  • Fixed cpu type display in settings
  • Fixed ssh keypair generation and 'rootsh' command
  • Fixed samba bug in filemanager app (crash when interface is up but not configured)
  • Added more usb dongles (untested): ath9k_htc, ath6k_usb
  • H3ii: added opi+ detection (usb should work now with H3ii install)
  • uboot: fixed 'd' for droid
  • Added AR1100 support file (idc)
  • Initial mockup of additional navbar buttons (power button is not doing anything at the moment)
  • Fel Installer BETA is ready to test!

CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.1.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.1.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.1.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.1.tar.md5

Version 1.3.0:

New in this version:

  • Changed partition layout to 3 partitions:
    BOOT(p1) SYSTEM(p2) UDISK(p3)
    (this also make it incompatible for upgrading from 1.2.x, backup p2 yourself and restore later to p3)
  • Fixed font size in notification area
  • Added micropython, depmod, modprobe, env, /etc: passwd and inputrc
  • Changed ramdisk_size param to 4096
  • Added support for: orangepi 0 plus 2 H3
  • On boards with emmc red led is now bound to it's activity
  • Fixed init script (modules.dep is autogenerated now)
  • Xunlong's 'iDroid' remote is now the default (/system/usr/keylayout/sunxi-ir.kl), to enable it: echo "modprobe sunxi-ir-rx; rmmod sunxi-ir-rx; modprobe sunxi-ir-rx" >>/data/rc.local
  • Added empty /lib mountpoint
  • Added bluetooth support (via bluez 5.37, might be buggy, dongles ok, onboard bt needs work)
  • Disabled allwinner freq tuner
  • Added few touchscreen kernel modules
  • Added realtek 8812au/8821au (untested)
  • Added: sunxi-pio, sunxi-fexc
  • H3resc: 'wifi' command to autoconnect network
  • H3resc: added sqlite3, 7zr (7z), grep, wget (linked with openssl)
  • H3resc: display rndis0 config
  • H3resc: new item: 56 clone to emmc
  • H3resc: new item: 27 generate ssh keypair (can be used to gain root with android shell command: rootsh)
  • H3resc: new item: 57 Armbian Installer - for dual booting Armbian and H3Droid

CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.0.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.3.0.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.0.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.3.0.tar.md5

Version 1.2.9:

New in this version:

  • h3resc: UDISK partition resizer
  • h3resc: display resolution changer (480p, 720p, 1080p)
  • fixed bug that prevented 8188eu from working
  • by default we are using 720p now, you can change it later in h3resc

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.9.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.9.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.9.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.9.tar.md5

Version 1.2.8:

New in this version:

  • removed sunxi-ir-rx.ko from autoloading
  • added logitech c270 usb webcam
  • installer: added dex cache purge to update path
  • installer: gservices/playstore updates are disabled by default
  • added: chat, pppd, pppoe
  • h3resc: added gpm(mouse), nano, mc/mcedit, ldd, iozone, missing terminals, micropython, blktrace, gnu ddrescue
  • removed eth from uboots
  • fixed red led on boards with emmc
  • fixed rc.local not being run bug introduced in 1.2.7
  • bootmenu: removed powerkey-to-h3resc, added usb kb in bt (space) to boot to h3resc
  • installer: batch mode, preparing for fel-installer interaction
  • beta testing new screen resolutions (only 480p works reliably right now)
  • installer: copy rc.local if found
  • added kexec to kernel
  • installer: requires squashfs to be available
  • added wifi support for 8188cu (some dongles, please report issues)
  • image_installer (H3ii): write to card, then make it autoinstall on device. you NEED to select fex/uboot on first h3resc boot

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.8.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.8.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.8.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.8.tar.md5

Version 1.2.7:

New in this version:

  • Changed aoe.ko (and few serial modules) to builtin
  • New fex: nanopim1+ (untested) (gmac support only)
  • Installer: upgrade mode (preserves partition layout and UDISK content)
  • Installer: several fixes to workaround distros differences
  • Recompiled with current uboots: nanopi_m1, nanopi_m1_plus, nanopi_neo, nanopi_neo_air, orangepi_2, orangepi_lite, orangepi_one, orangepi_pc, orangepi_pc_plus, orangepi_plus, orangepi_plus2e, orangepi_zero, Sinovoip_BPI_M2_Plus
  • Updated rc.local calling to prevent deadlocks
  • Added H3resc with boot menu (hold power key on boot): shell, change uboot/fex/boot.cmd, update h3droid from usbdrive/internet, wipe user data
  • USB Automount should work on all ports now
  • Fixed shell jni path to allow java tools usage
  • Added slip(builtin), rtl2830.ko and few others
  • Removed gandroid and enabled other g* modules
  • Initial resolution set to 1920x1080

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.7.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.7.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.7.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.7.tar.md5

Version 1.2.6:

New in this version:

  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed samba browser in Filemanager
  • Predexed build (first boot should be faster)
  • Added checks for required tools
  • Changed 672->624 for dram in opi+2e and opi+ fexes
  • Workarounds for systemd/automounter
  • Added opipcplus u-boot
  • Started testing for FriendlyArm NanoPi M1
    (fex available and can be used with opipc u-boot but DRAM needs set to '576' in fex for stable experience)

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.6.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.6.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.6.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.6.tar.md5

Version 1.2.5:

New in this version:
1.2.4 (Unreleased):

  • Added missing i2c modules
  • Added file.img creation


  • Rewrote file.img/loop creator (should require fewer dependencies now)
  • Added some usbserial modules (most notably ch341.ko, cp210x.ko and ftdi_sio.ko)
  • Fixed /sbin/busybox executability
  • Removed some chinese settings
  • Fixed SDIO autodetection
    (This fixes both dongle and SDIO detection, wifi should now work out of the box!)

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.5.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.5.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.5.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.5.tar.md5

Version 1.2.3:

New in this version:

  • Initscripts calls /data/rc.local for user's convenience
  • Updated default wallpaper
  • Recompiled sunxi-ir-rx.ko with full input range (all ir-remote codes should show with evtest now)
  • Added aoe.ko kernel module
  • Made a few changes to the installer scripts
  • Hdmi-dvi fixes (some users were having issues with DVI, this should help with that)

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.3.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.3.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.3.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.3.tar.md5

Version 1.2.2:

New in this version:

  • Fixed WiFi issue on OPi boards with WiFi - patched installer.
  • Added new H3Droid boot animation

CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.2.tar
CDN h3droid_installer-1.2.2.tar.md5

MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.2.tar
MAIN h3droid_installer-1.2.2.tar.md5

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